Losing weight is a challenge that many face these days. It is a difficult road that many people cannot stay on because of all the temptations available to them. Furthermore, the difficulty is compounded by our busy schedules that we have these days. Despite all these challenges, temptations and things competing for our time, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will enable you to live a healthier and longer life. Furthermore, it will allow you to be more productive because you will have more energy and stamina to face the day. And, it allows you to be a positive role model for others like your children and grandchildren. You can help break the cycle of obesity and laziness our culture is going through.

One of the most important things to consider when going through a weight loss program is consistency. This may not sound like the hottest and trendiest way to lose weight. And, it may not sound as logical as some of the resistance training workouts or healthy diets you have heard about that are based on some scientific principle you can’t understand. But, the fact of the matter it is extremely important to lose weight.

If you want a little logic to make sense of this, then allow me to explain the survival mode our bodies go into when we suddenly cut calories drastically. Our body possesses an instinct to retain calories when we suddenly cut them in a big way. This all boils down to how our bodies have evolved physiologically over time. It only understands that food intake has been drastically cut so it does everything it can to hold onto the calories. It does not understand why the calories have been cut. It does not know that they have been cut to reduce weight. This is a great tool for people to have in countries that do not have the ample food supplies we have. But, where we are this can prove to be troublesome to people who believe they will just cut way back on calories to lose weight in a hurry. What they are actually doing is kicking in this evolutionary mechanism to retain the calories. So they are probably suffering from hunger pains at their own hands with nothing to show for it.

The alternative is to calculate how much your body needs each day to keep running. This will depend on your weight and gender and there are various places where you can go to find this number, or you can talk with your doctor. I can tell you, however, that it will not be some ridiculous amount like 400 calories. The idea is to get the magic number and try to reach that each day by eating several small meals over the course of the day. Make those calories come from healthy choices like fruit, vegetables, lean meats, low carbohydrate foods and other similar foods.

Plan your meals out in advance and stay within the range of your caloric number and you will lose weight. And, the best part is you will lose the weight without starving yourself. In fact, many people often say they cannot eat all the food it takes to meet these numbers in a day. It is just a matter of making better choices and sticking to it.

Consistency is key to losing weight and then maintaining the weight level you have reached. This goes counter to the up and down cycle that many people face when losing weight. That is an unhealthy way to live because your body never gets a chance to get acclimated to one type of body. And, it puts tremendous pressure on your organs like your heart and circulatory system. So, if you do want to lose weight and keep it off it is important to remember that consistency is key. Even when you feel that the weight loss has stopped or stagnated, remember to keep eating healthy and maintaining the proper caloric intake. Eventually, you will break through the plateau and start the weight loss again. Otherwise, you may get frustrated and find yourself back to where you started. It is better to keep on eating healthy and exercising while not seeing concrete results versus falling back to where you were before.